from masoro with love, day 1

our on purpose team and a few special guests are visiting the artisans of masoro in rwanda this week. here's a peek into their adventure.

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what does it mean to get gifted?

out theme this holiday is #getgifted, but the roots of the sentiment last long after the tinsel is down.

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what’s your party shoe personality?

always put your best foot forward

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a new take on statement earrings

how to wear multiple studs, as inspired by zosia mamet in our latest #missadventure

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the moment artfully elegant zosia mamet affixed three mismatched studs to her earlobe for our latest episode of #missadventure, we made a mental note to self to do the same. (and guess what: we loved it.) join in the festivities this holiday season and choose earrings in a similarly small scale and color scheme for your next night out. (and get your ears pierced if need be). below, a few of our favorite earlobe combinations…


pie with a side of style

last friday in our hong kong flaship, we hosted pie à la mode, an edible art installation by jennifer rubell. here's a peek.

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tart cherry sweetie pie by tai tai pie pies

they’re the bakers who handmade all the cherry pies for our edible installation with artist jennifer rubell in hong kong.

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the story of our downing desk

the hand-painted dots are just the beginning.

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91_Leopard_Desk PREVIEW


we’re firm believers that pretty things increase productivity—so when it came to designing our very first desk, she had to be the loveliest. (our designers come to adore every piece so much that they like to think of each as a “she,” with a personality all her own.) meet downing. she’s hand-painted with a very special dot pattern, a cross between two of our all-time favorite prints: the leopard spot and the polka dot. she’s poppy, she’s punchy, she’s practically guaranteed to keep your creativity flowing, and she even accessorizes (hello, shiny brass hardware). she lends herself to sleek black-and-white or colorful more-is-more interiors.

all she asks? fresh flowers, please.


new ways to dress up your desk

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100_HOME LAUNCH_Desk Unusual Vessels PREVIEW

111_Dress Up Your Desk

shop for all those things and more (including our downing desk), here.

a lesson in frosting cupcakes

a glimpse (and some tips) from the day our friends at magnolia bakery came and showed us how to create their signature swirl ourselves.

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one sunny day this last spring as our design team was hard at work at the kate spade new york x magnolia bakery collection, our sweet friends brought dozens of freshly baked cupcakes, vats of pastel-colored vanilla cream frosting and an assortment of sprinkles for a lesson in how to create the iconic magnolia bakery frosting swirl ourselves.

here’s what we learned:

  • set up: place cooled cupcakes, icing wand, container of frosting and sprinkles on a table (1). paper lace doily optional but so lovely.
  • hold your icing wand: wrap your fingers around the handle, extending your pointer finger along the edge of the icing wand.
  • prepare your icing: to get all the air bubbles out and make the icing super smooth, dip the icing wand into the vat of frosting and smooth it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth….till it’s light and fluffy.
  • in one clean swoop, scoop a dollop of frosting onto the wand (2) and swipe it (all of it!) onto the cupcake.
  • lightly place the wand flat atop the frosting and, with your fingers, spin the cupcake as you “pat pat pat” the frosting. you’re whipping in some air to give it height and fluffy texture.
  • to make the iconic swirl, simply tilt the icing wand slightly as you spin the cupcake one final time, and then pull the wand up and away (3).
  • voila! (4)

thank you for a delicious afternoon, magnolia bakery!

you’re the sweetest.


the cherry on top

10 things to know about our limited-edition magnolia bakery collection

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find the complete  kate spade new york & magnolia bakery collection here.


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