a day in my shoes: julie ly

she's one of our summer campaign's cast of characters. she's also our glamorously clever public relations manager.

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have you met…laura love?

the trained dancer and elegantly cool, new yorker with a fantastical last name shows off her moves in the campaign for our newest fragrance, walk on air

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nip it in the bud

instantly prettify all of your digital devices with september's deco rose downloadable wallpaper

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how we made everything come up roses

behind the scenes of this month's featured print

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rio grande

it's time to give your digital devices a tropical twist

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this summer we’re finding inspiration in all things latin american—and specifically in may, we’re infatuated with sunny rio de janeiro, brazil. it’s a city where even the local floral and fauna is infused with bold, clashing color and everyday is a mini carnival. to capture a touch of the tropics on all of your devices, simply download our newest digital wallpaper.



when life gives you lemons…

download the pretty print to all your digital devices

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when life gives us lemons in capri—our destination for march—we make limoncello. plus, and a painterly print worthy of splashing on all of your digital devices to ring in the spring season.



a little rendez-vous

we're indulging in an afternoon of french cinema, in the latest edition of the style spy

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05_PREVIEW copy

let’s mosey

peruse, create and send curated itineraries of all kinds with mosey, our newest travel companion

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there’s nothing wrong with getting a little lost.

in fact, we think it’s a necessary luxury to wander—be it for an hour or for a day; in our hometown or a far-flung location. it’s the unexpected excursions—to hidden side streets, backdoor social clubs and quiet cafes—where the best adventures ensue.

now with the help of mosey’s website and free mobile app, we can create, curate, plan and share whatever sort of adventure we fancy, whenever we fancy it. here’s how: after signing up, simply search by city, by user or by theme and let the site’s colorful photos and useful user-generated tips guide you on your way.

 we’re on mosey with some of favorite itineraries from our fathom city guides—and there’s more to come.  (check out our selection of moseys here.)

and maybe we’ll see you on the next mosey!


do the disco (nap)

dedicated to those who love the nightlife, and those working and celebrating nyfw: how to score a little shut eye, in our latest column on minding your (modern) manners

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189_Deliberate Polish

the style spy: on the town

it's a weekend tale of two neighborhoods: east village and west village. join us on the (stylish) local tour.

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