our favorite nighttime rituals

(in no particular order.)

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106_evening PREVIEW


putting on our favorite pj’s.

taking a bubble bath.

calling our best friend.

sipping hot cocoa. (extra large mug, extra marshmallows.)

watching an old movie.

slathering on a face mask.

eating takeout in bed on fine china.

reading a few more pages of our current book.

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how to: fold a fitted sheet

bedding's trickiest problem, solved.

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step 1. lay your fitted sheet with the open side and gathered corners facing up.

step 2. fold a 6-inch (or so) border around the edges, so the ungathered edges and the gathered corners fall in line and you have 4 straight sides.

step 3. fold in half, and in half again, and again and again and again…till it’s compact.


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a lesson in frosting cupcakes

a glimpse (and some tips) from the day our friends at magnolia bakery came and showed us how to create their signature swirl ourselves.

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one sunny day this last spring as our design team was hard at work at the kate spade new york x magnolia bakery collection, our sweet friends brought dozens of freshly baked cupcakes, vats of pastel-colored vanilla cream frosting and an assortment of sprinkles for a lesson in how to create the iconic magnolia bakery frosting swirl ourselves.

here’s what we learned:

  • set up: place cooled cupcakes, icing wand, container of frosting and sprinkles on a table (1). paper lace doily optional but so lovely.
  • hold your icing wand: wrap your fingers around the handle, extending your pointer finger along the edge of the icing wand.
  • prepare your icing: to get all the air bubbles out and make the icing super smooth, dip the icing wand into the vat of frosting and smooth it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth….till it’s light and fluffy.
  • in one clean swoop, scoop a dollop of frosting onto the wand (2) and swipe it (all of it!) onto the cupcake.
  • lightly place the wand flat atop the frosting and, with your fingers, spin the cupcake as you “pat pat pat” the frosting. you’re whipping in some air to give it height and fluffy texture.
  • to make the iconic swirl, simply tilt the icing wand slightly as you spin the cupcake one final time, and then pull the wand up and away (3).
  • voila! (4)

thank you for a delicious afternoon, magnolia bakery!

you’re the sweetest.


let’s make liquid s’mores

our twist on traditional hot chocolate

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175_Liquid Smores

do the (french) twist

the easiest 4-steps to an iconically sophisticated 'do

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let’s glitter a champagne bottle and some flutes

tiny sparkles and tiny bubbles are a perfect pairing.

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let’s make: glitter ice cream sandwiches and flags

one of our favorite desserts gets fancy (and even a little regal)

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let’s make: glitter fortune cookies

the first in our fun holiday series of glitter DIY's—because it's the glitter things that count

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