a new yorker in marfa

the executive producer of our #missadventure films shares her guide to this arty texas town

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dru’s amalfi coast

our director of concept, color and print returns from an escape to italy feeling particularly inspired. here's why.

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dimitri recommends… (part II)

hollywood’s favorite maitre d’—and the sunset tower hotel’s resident wealth of knowledge—shares his L.A. favorites

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favorite local beach:

“i don’t travel often, but here, a couple times a year i drive through malibu beach to carrillo beach. it’s quiet and on the way back you can stop somewhere fantastic to eat.”


favorite L.A. tourist attraction (that even a native would love!):

“i love LACMA [the los angeles county museum of art]. when my old friends from europe visit, i always take them. it’s located close to everything—including where i work—and there are amazing programs there. plus, i’m very close to michael govan [LACMA’s director] and katherine ross [govan’s wife, and a fashion consultant]. whenever i have friends i want to impress, i take them there. it’s a very civilized way to spend an afternoon.”


favorite old hollywood movie:

“there are so many! i don’t know how to pick. sunset boulevard (1950) comes to mind. sunset tower as a building has such a great story, and it’s to be continued. it’s very much young hollywood now, and it’s amazing to be able to continue the story.”


favorite sunset tower secret:

“the sunset tower restaurant is located in the former apartment of bugsy siegal—the man who’s credited for forming las vegas. warren beatty played him in a move. when they found out he had links to the mafia, they threw him out of the building! but just walking in the hallways is incredible—this is a place where howard hughes had four apartments!”

p.s. catch up on part I here!

p.p.s: watch dimitri in episode 2 of #missadventure, “the great escape.”

dimitri recommends…

from #missadventure episode 2 "the great escape", hollywood’s favorite maitre d’—and the sunset tower hotel’s resident wealth of knowledge—shares his L.A. secrets

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after watching #missadventure episode 2 on repeat, we’re ready for our own escape to sunny los angeles this weekend. but what to do once we’re there? we rang up one of our #missadventure stars, dimitri dimitrov—whom you got to know here—to see what he’d put at the top of our to-do list.


favorite under-the-radar L.A. spot:

bouchon is not under the radar, but it’s a favorite. i have a long history with laura cunningham [chef thomas keller’s fiancée, and restaurant consultant] and thomas keller—before he was who he is right now!  also the palm, bruce bozzi’s restaurant, and i like suzanne goin’s lucques on melrose. you notice i mention the chefs—i’m attached to some of them!”


favorite L.A. neighborhood:

whitley heights, hands down. it’s the favorite among locals who’ve lived a long time in los angeles. it has older houses from the 1920s and the most character of any place. it’s historic hollywood.”


favorite sunset tower cocktail:

“for afternoons, the tower smash: tequila, lime, ginger and basil on the rocks. the ginger has a little punch. another great drink is the southside: grey goose vodka, mint, simple syrup and a splash of lime, topped with champagne. that’s for a little bit later at night! it’s served in a martini glass, shaken—and very cold.”


favorite room in the hotel:

“for longer stays, the townhouse. there are two levels and downstairs there’s a fireplace, a gorgeous spot for conversation and a beautiful terrace overlooking the city. upstairs are the bedroom and bathroom. for the view, the penthouse is my favorite. it has an incredible panoramic view of the city. it’s fantastic. it’s a favorite spot of celebrities—without namedropping…”


favorite day-off activity:

“usually i’ve seen all the nominated movies and i love art house movies. i love movies with a story. half of the people in the room at sunset tower are actors, producers, directors—so we discuss them. i tell them i’ve seen their work, and it makes them happy. the remains of the day [1993] is my favorite movie. anthony hopkins is in it. it’s my life story, more than anything.”



postcard from charleston

it's always sunny in this southern town, according to lindsay myers

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read more about lindsay’s around-the-world adventures here.

thinking global, cooking local

while on her trip to shanghai, food writer krista simmons considered indulging in egg custard for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. here's why.

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long before the cronut, there was the egg custard (pronounced “dàn tà”).  this hybrid handheld sweet—which is like a crème brûlée mixed with a croissant—originally hailed from portugal and came to china in the 1940s via macau, a former portuguese colony. 

today they occupy the shelves of bakeries, street side stalls, and dim sum carts across the country and, in shanghai at least, the locals pick them up morning, noon, and night. taste one and it’s easy to see why:  slightly savory and somewhat sweet, they are incredible.

my favorite is to be found at lillian bakery, one of lisbon’s best pastry shops which has locations across shanghai. (their custards are spiked with a delicious amount of vanilla.)

follow krista simmons on her gastronomic adventures on her blog, and in quest magazine’s summer issue

postcard from venice

in the middle of her global adventure, lindsay myers takes a moment to recharge in the california beach town she calls home

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when in shanghai

…dine like a local. food and travel writer krista simmons returns from a trip east with some insightful tips

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postcard from vulcano

in her latest dispatch, lindsay myers goes vulcano watching on its namesake island

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122_LindsayMeyer3(and keep in touch with lindsay’s adventures on her blog.)


julie ly’s los angeles

our public relations manager's favorite places to go, people to see and things to do when she heads out west

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