a new yorker in marfa

the executive producer of our #missadventure films shares her guide to this arty texas town

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oh what a night!

at our recent holiday dinner in new york city, there was plenty of delightfully seasonal inspiration for your next party. take a peek.

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have you met mrs. lilien?

if she’s hosting, you’ll want your name on the guest list.

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visit mrs. lilien’s blog.

pick up a copy of all in good taste.

how to: create a conversation nook

a thoughtful styling trick for large spaces

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141_Home Chairs in Conversation PREVIEW

141_Home Chairs in Conversation

place two wingback chairs side-by-side facing in opposite directions—they should overlap just enough that two people can comfortably chit chat. then, add a small drink table nearby. it’s a modern take on a 19th century conversation chair.

and perfect for a party.

shaken or stirred?

here's an easy way to remember how to mix things up.

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143_Shake or Stir

the anatomy of a well-stocked bar

consider this your pre-party cheat sheet.

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95_HOME LAUNCH_Anatamoy of a Bar PREVIEW REV

95_HOME LAUNCH_Anatamoy of a Bar REV

pick up everything you need for your soirée, here.

flying your way

the wintry birds on our december downloadable wallpaper have us ready to throw caution to the wind.

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how to: make a bow

the simplest, sweetest present adornment, courtesy of hello sandwich blogger (and all in good taste contributor) ebony bizys

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she’s clever, she’s crafty, she’s a former art director for vogue living who now circles the world with an inspired, stylish eye. one thing she isn’t: afraid to dig her boldly-manicured hands into a DIY project.

we like to think of ebony bizys, the australian-born, tokyo-based creative behind the entertainingly lighthearted blog hello sandwich, as a kindred spirit. (read about her tamaki roll parties in our book, all in good taste.)

with the holiday season zooming in, we turned to hello tokyo, her new craft-focused book, for new twists on one of our favorite adornments: the bow. it turns out creating your own couldn’t be simpler:


step 1. cut a rectangle of paper (your favorite gift wrap works perfectly here), using pinking shears if you have them to create scallop edges on the left and right sides.

step 2: scrunch it in the middle to create a bow shape, and secure with a bit of string or thread.


book club: paris in winter

artist david coggins’ new memoir tells a vivid story of the endless pleasures of paris through captivating vignettes and intimate splashes of watercolor.

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pick up a copy of paris in winter, here.

happy thanksgiving

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